Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bloomin' Rhodys!

Everywhere I look, the rhododendron shrubs are in full, glorious bloom. At one time, I was not such an fan of rhodys. I am more of a delicate type of person and everything about the rhododendron is BIG. The leaves are big, the flowers are showy and the shrub itself can get very big if not pruned. 

But then I started to look at them differently and noticed the beauty in each unique flower, the deep green of its evergreen leaves and the rounded shape of its form. It's truly a beauty in bloom and a welcome sight in the spring. Take a look at some of these, which I happened upon last week:

(Rhododendron cv Ken Janeck)

(Rhododendron 'Gigi')

(Rhododendron cv. )

Next time you pass by one, be sure to give it a second, closer look at its beauty. You'll be glad you did.