Friday, November 19, 2010

Grasses: The Wispy and Whimsical

It's been really windy here the past few days. Sadly, the wind brought down even more leaves. With the drop of the leaves, the grasses seem to be taking center stage around here now.

I've always been on the fence about grasses. Maybe its because I see too many people use them in the wrong places. They get overgrown and look like giant shrubs in the middle of a garden. But on the other hand, I really do think they are quite beautiful and so unique in their own way.

This time of year they really seem to pop out of the landscape and can add a wispy, whimsical beauty to a garden (when placed right!). Above is the beautifully striped Zebra Grass (Miscanthus sinensis).

And of course I love the seeds. Each grass has certain similarities and differences which make them really fun to behold up close.

I find the black fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroids 'Moudry') particularly striking. The seeds/blooms look like an animal's furry tail.

What are your thoughts on grasses? Do you have a favorite for the garden?


  1. I have been discovering grasses this year -still a little confused but my collection is growing and hopefully in a year or so they will have bulked up

  2. Hi Kate, You are so right that grasses can add interest in the garden in the late fall. I have never seen the black fountain grass before- it is very striking! Have a great weekend. Jennifer

  3. Fabulous collection ... grasses in my part of the world do tend to take over and look pretty terrible. These look terrific.

  4. The black fountain grass is one of my faves. Would that it grew well in Austin, but I never see it. I wonder why? Anyway, thanks for visiting my Foliage Follow-Up post.

  5. I've been in love with 'Moudry' for a while--how gorgeous it is! But I'm scared off by a few reports of it reseeding too readily... have you found lots of 'Moudry' babies in your garden?


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