Thursday, July 15, 2010

Purple with a Side of Purple

Driving along the suburbs of Boston last week, I came across a purple house. Not only did I find this house striking and unique, but I was amazed to see the exact color match in the front flower garden. The purple Balloon Flowers (Platycodon grandiflorus) were in full bloom and were a wonderful compliment to the house. 

Then, when I got out of the car to take the photo, I noticed two yellow Adirondack chairs off to the right of the house. The yellow of these chairs matched the yellow Daylillies (Hemerocallis) in the foreground!

I don't know if the owner did this on purpose, and I know that I was there at the right time of the summer to see these flowers in bloom and match the color of the house. 


  1. Obviously this gardener has a special talent ... or maybe it's just happenstance ... whatever, I think this front yard looks fabulous. Of course, I love purple ... so I'm rather impressed that it can look so fabulous as the colour of a house!!

  2. What a great eye you've got to have noticed this very deliberate color scheme.


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