Saturday, October 16, 2010

A visitor in the garden

I was in the yard the other day and looked down on the soil to see something moving. At first I thought it was just an earthworm, but then I noticed little arms and feet as it crawled along the ground.

I think I've got a Newt here. What do you think?

I've never seen one in the garden here and frankly, I haven't seen it since. I did find it after it had rained for several days, so maybe the wet conditions attracted him to my yard. Or maybe he just wanted to play on the kids' playground by himself!


  1. It could be a newt or a salamander. I've never seen them in our garden either but growing up there used to be a lot of them in my parents garden.

    Thanks for your comment about the watermelon. It was sweet, but not overly sweet. I didn't like all the seeds. I prefer seedless watermelon.

  2. Looks like a newt! I loved playing with them as a kid, but it seems, there are fewer of them here in the NW than their used to be and it makes me sad. They are really kinda cute.

  3. Seems those newts are for you like chameleons for us. We remember them being round when we were children, but when we saw one in an open garden recently, we were all lined up to look at it. Hope you will see yours again!

  4. Dear Kate, I am afraid to say that I am really not very good about dealing with creepy crawlies in the garden [or anywhere else for that matter]. Your creature definitely looks like a newt to me, and how interesting since I have only ever seen them in or by water previously.

  5. Your little fellow looks very similar to our California Slender Salamander. As you're in New York, perhaps a Dusky Salamander or Redback?


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