Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden Tour: House #3 Bayville

Located in Bayville, NY, this garden was the third house on the Garden Tour along Long Island's Gold Coast. In 1974, the homeowner purchased this house and has done much of the gardening herself.

I loved the beds around the trees in the front yard, surrounded by the stonework.

The homeowner always had a soft spot for lilies and over the years has added to her collection. Today, she is a member of the American Day Lily Society and has well over 1,000 varieties of lilies in her garden, each labeled with the name of the lily as well as the year it was hybridized.

The house has the distinction of being an official "Display Garden of the American Hemerocallis Society."

Unfortunately, on the day of the tour, the gardens were not in bloom. She had a large photograph on display for visitors to see her garden in all its glory.

The homeowner invited everyone from the tour back to her house this week to view her lilies in full bloom. And it was worth the wait!

Here is the front garden in full bloom.

 Her display of Daylilies and Hydrangeas were truly spectacular.

 The backyard was a pie-shape and her lilies filled in every spot.

So many different colors and varieties. It was easy to spend over an hour just wandering through the gardens, looking at the different shapes and petals and also learning the names.

Here were three of my favorites:

It was so wonderful for the homeowner to invite us all back to her house to see the lilies in bloom. It's amazing what a difference few weeks can make!

Do you have any daylilies? Which are your favorite?

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  2. Blogger is giving me fits today. I think this garden is just so spectacular. I was just to Lilyfest here and it was beautiful but I think this garden has them beat. Simply amazing.

  3. Wow! It was nice before, but fabulous when in bloom! What a gorgeous garden - and I love those hydrangeas mixed in!

  4. How lucky you were to see it in bloom! Such a nice combo of hydrangeas and daylilies, not something one sees often. I do have daylilies though I couldn't pick a favorite. Hmm, maybe Crimson Pirate because it blooms for such a long time.
    Looking forward to meeting you next week in Seattle!


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