Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooky Halloween Plants

Halloween is just around the corner and with a little imagination, everything can look a little spooky these days...

An Evil Eye?
(or just Rubeckia hirta)

Dried up brains?
(or just a fungus)

Long, sticky fingers of a witch? 
(or just an ornamental pepper)

Hairy arms reaching out to strangle?
(or just an old vine on a tree trunk)

A magic electricity ball?
(or just pine needles)

Pimpled, decaying flesh?
(or fungus on a tree stump)

Sweat on the green monster's face?
(or morning dew on a leaf)
Bloody fingers?
(or just Amaranthus)

Skeletal fingers, reaching out to grab you?

Mwahahaha! Happy Halloween!


  1. What spooky fun! Imagination is more scary than effects. Very creative creepy visions. Happy Halloween!

  2. You have quite the imagination! Happy Halloween!

  3. Very imaginative! The skeletal fingers are scary! Happy Halloween!

  4. You have some nice textures here. You might post to the meme on Texture for Word for Wednesday on the 16th.

  5. Thanks for joining. The textures you found are pretty cool and I like your interpretations too.

  6. aloha,

    ha ha, very clever and imaginative :)

  7. Great post! The skeletal fingers are scary!

  8. Hi, my first time here. I love the way you put those descriptions for holloween, but they are really great photos to represent textures. I have horticulture degrees too, nice meeting you! LOL

  9. Loved seeing all your spooky plants and their fascinating textures, too!


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