Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Flowering Trees

All around me, the trees are in full bloom. Shades of pink and white are lining my street and filling the air with a sweet scent. And while trees are beautiful to admire from across the street, my favorite vantage point is right next to the trunk, looking straight up. 

The Bradford Pear tree has clusters of small white flowers and a lovely sweet scent. 

I just love the pink flowers against the burgundy leaves of the Plum trees. 

The Saucer Magnolia tree usually blooms before the others, but this year, everything is a little off because of the long cold winter we had. Truly a magestic tree in full bloom. 

I was lucky enough to have inherited this tree when we bought our house. I'm not sure how old this Weeping Cherry tree is, but it's no youngling. Filled with small, dainty flowers on long, cascading branches, it sways quietly in the breeze and is simply gorgeous. 

So next time you see a tree in bloom, get right up under its canopy and look up. It's a view that won't disappoint. 

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  1. I understand your appreciation of blooming trees. Whenever I drive or pass by one I smile and admire:)


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