Friday, May 15, 2015

What's Blooming in the Garden? May 2015

Dogwood trees and azalea bushes are in full bloom. Tulips are saying goodbye as iris are saying hello. Hostas, ferns and solomon's seal are speading their leaves and making themselves comfortable in the shade. Here are a few other things blooming in my Long Island, zone 7b garden this month.

The allium are just about to pop open in front of a stunningly gorgeous azalea.

 Clematis Claire de Lune just opened yesterday. It's peeking out above a nearby hosta which will contine to keep it's roots cool during the hot summer months. 

 These Anenome Madonna are enjoying their first year in my garden. I love the delicate wispy stems on these flowers and look forward to watching them continue to grow.

 A lovely pink columbine is blooming happily next to the ferns and hostas.

Under a blanket of pink petals from the fading Kwanzan cherry tree, the shade garden is coming to life. Taking center stage right now are the 2 magnificent bleeding hearts. 

The viburnum shrubs just started blooming a days ago. 
I love how the delicate flowers rest atop the branches. 

 The tulips are just about finishing up, making way for the purple iris behind them. 

 The last of the many bulbs (tulip and hyacinth) planted last fall, finishing their bloom. It's so rewarding to see that hard work from a cold November day to finally come to fruition. 

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  1. Lovely spring blooms! I can't wait for my Clematis to open some flowers. The bush is covered in them, so any day now:) Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks Aga! Clematis certainly has a flair for the dramatic. I'm sure yours will be lovely soon!

  2. The columbine looks like a dwarf type - I have to look into that since tall types would get lost in my shady area. Short types can be in front of everyone and be noticed. I like how you cleverly and naturally used the rocks as a retaining wall. It gives me ideas.

    1. Thanks Ray. I love how the retaining wall turned out. Look through the archives Oct 2012 for more on our backyard renovation. and thanks for visiting!


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