Friday, June 12, 2015

Easy Care Roses

Roses. Something about them makes people swoon at the mere mention of the name. What is it about roses? The smell? The loveliness of the petals? The nostalgia they conjure?

Whatever the reason, I'm so happy to have them in my garden. And even better, I have roses that require little care on my part. I simply get to enjoy their beauty in looks and smell.

The Knockout Rose is one of the easiest roses to grow. It's very disease resistant and once established, needs little care. I prune mine every March to reshape and keep it from getting too big. But starting in June and going well into the fall, this rose bush keeps blooming beautiful deep pink blooms atop rich, blue-green leaves.

I love the color and texture combination of the wispy, chartreuse Lady's Mantle with the deep pink of the Knockout Rose:

The other roses I have are the Carpet Roses. Mine are a lovely light pink color with many petals, giving it a delicate texture.

I have a few Carpet Roses bunched together atop this rock wall in my backyard. They don't get too tall and bloom all summer long with a delicate, sweet scent.

I think all roses are spectacular - tea roses, climbing roses, miniature roses (just to name a few). But for me, the ease of these two, coupled with their beauty, makes me smile daily.

What sort of roses do you have or want to have in your garden? I'd love to hear from you!

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