Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chirp Chirp Cricket

It sounds almost romantic...chirping crickets on a warm summer evening. Well maybe in that context it is a beautiful sound, but how about one lone cricket chirping away every night... in the garage attached to your house? It's been raining here for about three days straight and two nights ago I started to hear the chirping. At first I thought it was just a lone cricket outside in the garden. But after some investigating, following the sounds, it lead me to the garage. For two days now I can hear it, but I can't find it. It's starting to drive me nuts.

We have seen lots of camel crickets in the basement and garage over the years. But these crickets don't make noise. They just jump really high!

Photo from the Flickr stream of AlbinoFlea.
 So it's not Mr. Jumpy Cricket in my garage. I believe it to be Mr. Chirpy Cricket, aka the House Cricket.
Photo from
Now I don't know what this little guy is chirping about - if its trying to communicate or it if just wants to remind me that he's in the garage. A reminder he likes to give me every. bleepin. second. ! 
I do hope the sun makes an appearance tomorrow. Everything in the garden needs to dry out a little.


  1. Cute cricket story. I always seem to have them chirping somewhere so close they are annoying. And of course, you can never seem to find them.

  2. We had a cricket in the basement for a month. It was so annoying, I kept hearing it. Finally my husband saw it and squished it. Hooray.

  3. Dear Kate, I am not overly fond of crickets, chirping or otherise. I can well imagine that the noise is becoming really irritating and, as for when they jump.....oh dear me, I do not like them!


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