Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Blooming Now

Walking around the yard yesterday I noticed quite a few things are still blooming. Here on Long Island, the night temperatures are hovering around the upper 40s and the day temperatures are in the low 60s. Definitely feels like fall outside!

The Coleus is starting to lose its bottom leaves, but this variety is holding on to the upper part of the stem very nicely. I love the rich brown in the middle of the green leaf.

Amazingly these Impatiens still look great. The leaves are starting to yellow, but they continue to flower and make me smile.

The red Begonias look completely at home in the fall landscape. The red flowers with the reddish-brown stem and darker leaves look appropriate for this time of year.

I have a natural wooded area along the south side of the house. It is very pretty this time of year with the Goldenrod and wild Aster flowers blooming.

In the flower box on the front porch, I recently planted purple Ornamental Kale and some sweet orange colored Violas. I love the contrasting colors.

The yellow Lantana is still blooming nicely in the hanging container on the front porch. It's doing amazingly well considering its not getting full sun anymore.

I've freshened up the front containers with fall plants such as Mums, Pansy and Ornamental Peppers. This container also shows the lime-green Coleus and the Euphorbia "Diamond Frost"still doing well.

 These Geraniums were the best thing I bought this year. The vibrant pink with the lush green leaves were gorgeous no matter where I moved this container. And they are still looking great in mid-October!

 The New Guinea Impatiens didn't really do much this year. Maybe they didn't get enough sun. However, I'm enjoying their lush foliage for now. Especially when everything else is dropping their leaves.


  1. I have many of the same plants and mine are still blooming and making me happy, too. My impatiens have actually perked up quite a bit with the cooler temperatures.

  2. Hi Kate. You do still have some pretty blooms in your garden. I love the orange Violas against the Kale. Very pretty. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Dear Kate, You still have some very pretty flowers in bloom in your garden. The Coleus looks particularly lush and, I agree, the chocolate blotch is most appealing.

  4. You have so much still in bloom!! It's lovely. I brought my coleus indoors. I hope it continues to grow. My New Guinea Impatiens gave up, I threw it in the compost! The only thing I have blooming now are marigolds, begonias and mums.


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