Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween's a-Comin'!

I know Halloween is still a month away, but with so many rich colors out there and the crispness of the air here on Long Island, I'm really starting to get into the spirit of the holiday.
So here are a few gems I found and I think look rather spooky!

An Evil Eye?
(or just Rubeckia hirta)

Dried up brains?
(or just a fungus)

Long, sticky fingers of a witch? 
(or just an ornamental pepper)

Hairy arms reaching out to strangle?
(or just an old vine on a tree trunk)

A magic electricity ball?
(or just pine needles)

Pimpled, decaying flesh?
(or fungus on a tree stump)

Sweat on the green monster's face?
(or morning dew on a leaf)
Bloody fingers?
(or just Amaranthus)

Skeletal fingers, reaching out to grab you?

Mwahahaha! Happy (early) Halloween!


  1. Really good post on plant textures. Textures are often overlooked, but you presented them in a most unique way. Loved it.

  2. Thanks, gardenwalk - I'm glad you liked it!

  3. what a wonderful imagination ;o)

  4. Hey Kate !
    I am another Halloween NUT !
    I love your post it is too perfectly garden SPOOKY! .. I will be looking for more monsters in my garden now too .. this is the time of year that really makes me *SMILE* big time .. glad to bump into another nut like me ? We have to watch out that the squirrels don't catch us though, right ? LOL

  5. Kate, this is spectacular! I love your ghoulish plant selections!! I usually focus more on fall harvest vs. halloween, but this is a fun activity. You should start a halloween meme with the same theme...everyone has to add one spooky plant photo to the mix. Mr. Linky would make it easy for everyone to link to your post. Let me know if you do it!!

  6. Joy - I look forward to seeing your photos then too!
    Kimberly - I love this idea. I am totally going to do it. stay tuned!

  7. Awesome post! What a great imagination. Happy Halloween to you too!

  8. Nice post Kate! You brought back fond memories for me of when I used to write for Van Bourgondien...hope all is well!


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