Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Colorful Containers

I came across these containers at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. I love the color combinations - especially for this time of year. They look so vibrant!

The red/orange Lantana mixed with the purple Petunia is quite striking, both cascading around the red Hibiscus in the middle. 

Upon closer inspection of the Hibiscus, I found it was inhabited by a bee.  Hello little bee!

The purple container and the yellow Cannas are a nice anchor to the purple foliage and yellow flowering plants cascading along the rim. 

Though these containers are way too big for my yard, I love it when I stumble upon a cool looking one, as it gives me such great inspiration for my own garden and/or containers!


  1. What wonderful color combination's Kate. The hibiscus is so pretty. Sine I love purple that pot is a winner LOL!

  2. Fantastic containers! I like the various combinations...not the obvious or usual, so I like it! :)

  3. I love seeing different container plantings and getting ideas. This is one area I'm definitely still learning how to be more creative with.

  4. Aah, summer color... Vibrant!
    Love it, xo


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