Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Day Blizzard

We got quite a wallop of snow on Sunday! At first, the forcasters were saying only eastern Long Island would get a few inches of snow. But as Christmas Day drew to an end, the news was reporting that all of New York City and Long Island should expect for a blizzard with lots of snow and wind. So all day Sunday, we listened to the howling winds blowing 40+mph and watched the beautiful snow fall, and fall, and fall until we got nearly 2 feet of snow. The storm even blew snow onto the wreath on my front door (and it's covered by a porch!):

But the birds were not deterred. They held onto the feeders through the snow and wind, trying to get something to eat. I was just happy that I remembered to fill them the day before the storm.

And even though the weather outside was frightful, it sure was beautiful to watch the snow coming down. And my kids enjoyed a day in their pjs to play with their new toys!


  1. We had over a foot of snow here, with the accompanying wind. The wind continued to blow Monday so that at times it seemed to be snowing still as the wind blew the snow off the branches. It was the most beautiful snow I've seen but I am very thankful I didn't have to travel in it!

  2. Goodness 2ft, I was fed up with the 5" we had last week. It is much nicer then you are all home and dont have to get to work or school you can actually enjoy the snow. Have a nice time

  3. Wow did you get hit. Two feet is a lot for your area. I was watching that storm on the news and am glad it missed us. The whole east coast was bombarded this week.


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