Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birds Braving the Winter

It's still really cold here and another storm is on it's way. I haven't seen too many birds this winter - it might be that it's just too cold. However, there are some that have been braving the cold.

The male and female cardinal come to visit nearly every day. Sometimes they eat, other times, they just sit perched on the bird feeder. I can hear their distinct chirps before I see them.

This little fellow is so cute. He hangs out on the tree nearly upside down until he figures it's safe enough to fly over to the bird feeder. I think it's a Nuthatch?

The red-bellied Woodpecker is also a frequent visitor, scaring away any other birds who might be feeding.

 Mrs. Cardinal takes her spot on the feeder.

And of course, the squirrel watches the feeders from above, waiting for one of them to mysteriously fall from the tree and dump the seed all over the lawn...which will never happen!


  1. That cardinal in the opening shot looks cold and his feathers are all fluffed up in his efforts to stay warm. You have to admire their pluck in the dead of winter. I'd hate to be out there in the cold all day long. We have it easy! Have a great weekend.

  2. You got some great bird photos. I was just out taking some, and out of many only got a few. And the cardinals are the hardest to get. They do not sit very long.


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