Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early Signs of Spring

I looked out the window this morning and actually saw...the lawn! Yes, after about 2 months of snow cover, I can now see patches of grass. Mind you, it's still matted down and brown, but it's there!

With temperatures flirting with 50 degrees, I was on a hunt to spot some signs of spring. Lo and behold, I found some. Yeah!

 Two little daffodil sprouts

More daffodils and tulips

May 15 is considered the last-frost date here. So we still have a while to go, but at least the early spring bulbs are starting to emerge. It made me so happy to see these and now I simply can't wait for ALL the snow to disappear!


  1. It is so uplifting to see the first bulbs appearing

  2. One of my daughters just bought an older home in December in Baltimore, so with the warm temps she is seeing emerging bulbs and waiting to see the flowering trees on her property to present. She sent me a picture of reddish bulb tips coming up, and since I've been into gardening for awhile now, she was wanting to know what they were. Mine are coming up greenish, so I did some googling and finally got to your website. Thanks, now I'm pretty certain they are tulips, since she also sees hyacinths and crocus in the same area.


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