Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day from a Child's Perspective

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate the day, my town is holding a "Clean Up Main Street" event next weekend. To promote the event, they asked children to create posters using whatever design and text they seemed fit. I just spent the last hour walking through town admiring all the posters with my children, while my 5 year old took pictures of them. He learned about Earth Day in his kindergarten class and was telling me how important it was to pick up garbage, recycle and turn off lights when we are not in the room. It was too cute but I love that he's being taught the importance of keeping our earth green at such a young age.

So in honor of Earth Day, here are few of the posters we found in town. I hope they inspire and delight you as much as they did us.


  1. That's really fabulous! Were they pasted on windows? I can see images of real trees.

  2. One - Yes. Almost every store and restaurant in town had a different poster hanging in their front window or door. It looks so great!


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