Monday, June 20, 2011

My Sweet, Sweet Peas

I am so pleased with my sweet peas this year. I planted them along with string beans and both have been climbing a triangle shaped trellis I put together in a container. The string beans have a few buds on it and soon will be teeming with veggies, but right now the real joy is seeing the different colored flowers of the sweet peas popping up everywhere.

I bought a pack of seeds in the early spring that promised a mix of colors. So far, it hasn't disappointed me yet!

But even better than the sweet blossoms is the sweet fragrance that comes from them. I clipped a few and brought them inside for a small vase. Even just this small cluster filled the room with a wonderful scent!

I'll keep bringing these in as long as I can because the more you remove the flowers from the sweet pea vine, the more blossoms it will produce. Yeah to that!


  1. Your Sweet peas are so pretty Kate. What a great idea and use of space to plant beans with the Sweet peas. I like that.

  2. They are pretty brought inside. I never cut mine for an arrangement. My sweet peas are vining around a Caryopteris bush. They do bloom together too.


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