Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Backyard Renovation - Part 2: Retaining Wall

We've successfully completed the first phase of our backyard renovation project - tree removal. A row of overgrown shrubs, six trees and various dead limbs of other trees.
Sunlight is now streaming into the backyard and I'm amazed at the space we have.

Once the site was cleared, the equipment was brought in to begin work on the leveling the ground and build the retaining wall.

Measuring from the bottom of the slope, the wall is 5 feet high but nearly flushed with the ground level. I was fascinated watching the workers put the wall in. All the different layers - soil, sand, gravel and mesh - for drainage.

It took them about a week to complete the wall, but I think it looks fabulous. I'm still fascinated how the wall can't be seen from the house, but only from down the hill. But I guess that's what makes it a true retaining wall!

The last piece of the wall was the placement of flat stones to finish off the top.

Once this is complete, we'll make sure the ground is level and then start to work on the more decorative retaining wall on the other side of the yard.

See the progression here:
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  1. That wall looks excellent. Definitely worth a week's waiting and work! My brother and I tried to install a flat granite wall at the front of our property, but despite the best will in the world and some serious equipment from, we weren't professionals. Wasted a lot of time and money before we called them in! Learnt our lesson though.

  2. Hi Justin - It's definitely a big job and now that I've seen how much work went into building it, I'm so glad we hired a professional! Thanks for visitin my blog.


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