Saturday, October 20, 2012

Backyard Renovation Part 4: Boulder Retaining Wall

The backyard is really starting to take shape now! After the trees were removed, the retaining wall was set in place and the fence was erected. The next step was to create the more decorative retaining wall with boulders and a seating area above it. 

The boulders were brought in and were moved around one by one using the machine equipment.

The area above the slope was cleared, leveled and prepared for a stone-laid seating area.

The machine operator would pick up a boulder with the scooper and then use the "thumb" to hold it in place and carry it to where it needed to go. This job required a lot of patience! Some of the boulders didn't fit properly or weren't the correct size and he'd have to bring it down and get another one.

A small boulder retaining wall was set in place to protect the seating area.

Once the placement of the retaining wall around the seating area is set, they can bring in the steps and then lay the irregular stones for this spot. Once that is complete, the bigger/lower retaining wall can be finished with the remaining boulders.

See the progression here:
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  2. Like you, I am also a big fan of gardens and landscapes but my specialty is really in building retaining walls and fences. I love how you transformed your plain yard into a very beautiful outdoor space. I like the material you used - stones and I also like how you preserved the natural contour of the land. Your projects is very stunning and amazing.


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