Monday, August 30, 2010

What's eating you Ms. Petunia?

Oh my poor Wave Petunias. They started off looking so great, but now they have very few blooms and look ratty. I took a closer look at what was going on only to notice a lot of holes in the leaves, insect poop, live caterpillars and what looked like little cocoons. If any of you notice these or have more information to share, please post below. 

 Tobacco Budworm perhaps?

 Sadly, I think these plants are past the point of no return. I ended up cutting them way back and moved the container to another part of the yard. I never seem to have much luck with petunias. Maybe the summers here are just too hot and humid. Anyone else have problems with them?


  1. Mine always start out looking terrific but need cutting back by about half by mid-summer. Right now they need another haircut. The only pests I've had problems with were slugs and those don't bother the hanging baskets.

  2. Yup... you have tobacco bud worm. You can try picking them off. I don't grow a lot of petunias because of those little critters.

  3. Yeah, I think this will be the last year for the petunias. The bugs always get the best of them by the time the summer is over. Oh well!

  4. I found those same gross wormy things in my tomato plants. Yukky.


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