Saturday, November 6, 2010

Attack of the squirrel!

My sweet little Jack-o-lantern has met his fate. He came into this world full of smiles and twinkling triangle eyes.

But no sooner had he been placed outside to get some fresh air, then Mr. Squirrel came to visit and did some damage indeed. Within an hour, I noticed teeth marks above his eye and a missing bottom tooth.

The next day, even more teeth were missing and most of his eye:

Two days later, this is what he's become:

Now, I know pumpkins are good food for squirrels and after Halloween, I usually throw them into the woods for them to enjoy. But this squirrel didn't even give my Jack-o-lantern a fighting chance! Oh well - I guess when you are hungry, you're hungry. And Mr. Squirrel  probably doesn't celebrate Halloween anyway. 


  1. Oh that is so sad. Poor pumpkin and you for the work carving. The pumpkin is the only food source the squirrels have not yet discovered in our neighborhood. I am sure they will catch on eventually.

  2. Oh dear...poor pumpkin! Our chickens and turkeys did some similar damage to their carved pumpkins over Halloween. Even if he is an art critic, at least Mr. Squirrel appreciated the meal! :P

  3. Oh dear! Interesting how the squirrel went for the face and not the other side of the pumpkin.

  4. Hahahaha, I couldn't stop laughing. That was one hungry squirrel!!

  5. It really is part tragic, part amusing, right? :)

  6. I am sorry but I can't help laughing at this tragedy. I like the way you word it; 'missing bottom tooth'. :) Mr Pumpkin is still smiling.


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