Monday, November 8, 2010

High Line park, NYC (take 2)

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary in New York City this year. It was such a treat to get away and do something special together. After telling him all about my visit to the High Line park in September, he was eager to see it for himself. (Read about my first visit and some general information about this unique park here). I found it just as appealing and intriguing as before, but this time there were so different things in bloom and of course, more fall foliage colors to admire. Have a look:

 Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale) in full bloom among the train tracks

 Beautiful purple Asters nestled in the tall grasses

 This plant is so pretty, but I actually don't know what it is. Anyone recognize it?

 Plantings growing along the lines of the old railway tracks go under this building. 

Above and below, autumn has descended upon New York City. Asters, Hydrangeas, Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac) and more show off their late season beauty.

It's such a very cool spot along the west side of New York City. I can't wait to go back and admire how it changes from season to season.  If you are in the neighborhood, I highly recommend it.


  1. That plant you are asking about looks like a toad lily. I can't really tell, but it looks like the ones I saw at the High Line in September. I have a post about my visit there, too. Check out my photo of the toad lily and see if it looks the same. I LOVE that plant, too. looks like a little orchid! and so great for fall interest up here in our neck of the woods. Lovely photos.

  2. What a great park. I am always so amazed by gardens and wildlife thriving within a city. I wish there were more plantings among the pavement and to break up huge parking lots where ever I go. It would make the world a more beautiful place. What fantastic plantings and fall color.

  3. First, happy anniversary! Best wishes for many more anniversaries!

    I first found your blog when you posted your first visit to High Line and loved it. I really enjoyed seeing it in fall bloom as a comparison.

  4. The mystery plant looks like a ToadLily to me

  5. Thanks for the comments... and for identifying my plant above! Toad Lily - wow, its very pretty!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I am jealous- i have been craving a visit to New York. I remember your earlier post on this garden and it is interesting to see its progress through the seasons. I love the grasses! I agree with the Patient Gardener that the mystery plant is a Toadlily.

  7. Happy anniversary! The highline is beautiful!

  8. Thanks for sharing this garden with us; I love your article and photos. Maybe someday I'll get to see it in person. It's wonderful that you combined your anniversary trip with the garden. My husband has been a wonderful sport about visiting gardens with me. Soon we are going to Hawaii and are spending part of the trip on the garden island!


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