Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Neighborhood Walk

I took a little walk around the neighborhood the other day. It's been in the upper 40s and low 50s and the air is quite brisk. But the colors are gorgeous and everywhere you look there are berries and seed pods bursting on the branches. 
This tree is glowing yellow in the afternoon sun.

Even weedy vines have gorgeous fall foliage!

These gorgeous flowers look perfect in front of this porch.

The sunny flowers and the wispy ornamental grass are a perfect compliment to each other.

The seeds pods here have yellowed like its leaves below.



  1. Simply beautiful ... I would love to see such scenes up close!!

  2. Hi Kate! That group of yellow flowers looks heavenly or rather unrealistic. I'm not a fan of autumn though have to admit that its colours are extraordinary. Eszter

  3. Beautiful photographs, thanks! You might be interested in the restoration of a walled garden at Holkham Hall in Norfolk, UK. I'm recording it as part of an artist residency at http:/ I hope you'll click in and have a look!

  4. What a lovely walk. Very pretty fall images.

  5. Due to the season changes there are many effects can be found in the plans. So they provide different shades due to the season change.


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