Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forcing Forsythia

Happy First Day of Spring!
The weather is warmer, the buds are swelling and every day something new is blooming. I love to bring in Forsythia twigs when they are still in bud and watch with anticipation while the buds swell and then open into full bloom. At first, it looks like a just vase full of twigs, but then it becomes a gorgeous bursting delight:

As you can see, my amaryllis and poinsettia are still holding on too! But I love bringing nature inside and forcing its appearance a little sooner than normal simply for my benefit. Happy Spring!


  1. That looks beautiful. I love forsythia.

  2. Nice transition from winter to spring.

  3. Wonderful! I trimmed my Japanese maple yesterday and brought several branches inside. I hope I'll see green leaves soon. Although, it's my first experiment with maple branches.


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