Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Garden Wish List (thanks to the Philadelphia Flower Show)

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show. I had never been and so when I saw a local florist was organizing a bus trip to the show, I jumped at the opportunity. This year's theme was "Springtime in Paris." Floral and landscape displays, award winning plants, miniature scenes using miniature plants, "paintings" that used only pressed flowers and plants and jewelry made from plant parts - the show had it all.

I came away from the show with my wish list of gardens and garden accents for this year:

1. An outdoor kitchen and dining area:

2. A majestic bed to sleep on under the stars:

3. New lawn ornaments to greet friends when they visit:


4. A fern tree:

5. A carousel for my kids to play on:

6. Some new artwork:
"Painting" made of pressed plants and flowers

7. A new use for my old car:

8. A gorgeous, handmade necklace:
Made only from: Oleander seed pod, Maple pods, Beautyberry, Eucalyptus seeds, Blackberry Lily, Pea, Navy Bean, Lentil, Barley, Crinkle Leaf Plant, Oregano, Mustard seeds, Rush

 9. A garden house for visiting fairies:

 10. A bigger window box:

11. A landing strip for my model airplane:

And maybe after I've finished installing all these things, I'll enjoy a lovely piece of cake:

Ah, la joie de vivre!


  1. Boy do I miss living near Philly. What incredible displays this year. I was tempted to make the drive, but work got in the way. Thanks for posting so many lovely images.

  2. What a beautiful show Kate. I just love the use of flowers in the insects, pictures and the bed is fantastic. This was what I was hoping to see last year at our local show when the theme was Art in Bloom.It was in no way like this show. They missed out on a wonderful opportunity to show blooms like in this Philadelphia show.I would have loved to see this show. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kate, You really got some great shots of the show. My camera doesn't do very well with flash so my landscape shots were washed out. I sent photos of the Paris Underground exhibit to Along Life's Highway, here's a link: Carolyn

  4. Thanks Carolyn! Those were great photos you took. I didn't quite understand that exhibit but it was interesting to see, nonetheless.

  5. Wow! What an amazing show! I'll take that outdoor kitchen and dining area!

  6. Hi Kate, I went to the Philadelphia Flower show once about 10 years back. It was my first ever flower show so I have a soft spot for Philadelphia. I love the wit of your wish list. Put me down too for one of everything on your list!

  7. Wow - what a great experience for you and how blessed we are to get to share in the inspiration! I would love to have a candelabra over our outdoor table but we have a ceiling fan instead - too warm and too many mosquitoes here!

  8. Cat - Thanks! I would probably have to have the entire outdoor kitchen area surrounded by a mosquito net too. LOL


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