Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seed, Water, Sprout

With March temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s around here, I know spring isn't far away. So, let the seed starting begin! I'm using a 72-cell tray that sits on top of a water soaked mat with a drip tray beneath to keep the cells moist.

I've planted:
Sweet Pea, String Bean, Morning Glory, Moonflower, Wildflower mix, Columbine, Basil, Parsley and an annual Black-Eyed Susan mix

My kids are loving watching the sprouts grow taller every day.
As the sprouts grew, I moved some of the vines into bigger pots:

On the left are the Morning Glory plants. On the right near the window are the Moonflower and String Bean plants. In the foreground on the right I am growing geraniums and impatiens by stem cuttings.

Everything is growing pretty well so far, but I still have a while to go before I can plant them outside. Hopefully by then I'll have many strong and healthy plants to enjoy!


  1. Your children must be thrilled at the progress. Your temps are cooperating too. Here it is 24 degrees and snow is still on the ground. We get into the 40's by Saturday, so fingers crossed that we get some buds and shoots. This is my first year not raising plants from seed indoors. I do plan to broadcast some flowers when the weather breaks. Your plants will be in the ground by then I assume and we all can watch them grow.

  2. In the 20s here in PA. Will be a cold week, but I put out a row cover for some lettuce seeds that I am hoping might sprout when it warms a bit :) There is always hope.

    Thanks for your visit to Wife, Mother, Gardener! Glad that you did so I could take a look at your garden too.

    Thanks, Julie

  3. How nice to see your seed set-up. Does using a 72 cell tray cause problems as the different seeds germinate a different times? Are you using bottom heat, I find that makes a big difference to germination times.

  4. Hi Christina - yes, different plants were germinating at different times, but the cell tray didn't cause me any additional problems in that regard. I just moved out the plants, like Morning Glory and String Beans, that germinate and grow quickly to bigger pots while still giving the smaller/slower plants time in the cell tray.
    bottom heat is a good idea - i hadn't thought of that. what did you use for that?

  5. Hi Kate, I also looked at your last post-your poor pansies all covered in snow! We still have snow here too. On the other hand, your seedlings look to be doing great. I think it is great that your kids are taking an interest in their progress- they are bound to be future gardeners.


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