Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Forecast...Snow?!

Spring officially arrived yesterday and my thoughts had kicked into high gear for the upcoming gardening season. So when I woke up this morning, I expected cool air and warm sunshine. Imagine my surprise when I saw my pansies had been covered in snow!

Ah well. Luckily, I planted the cold hardy types. And as the song goes...the sun will come out tomorrow (I hope)!


  1. The flowers seem icily beautiful. Thank you for sharing. It is a sight that will never happen in my tropical garden.

  2. One - glad you like the photos. I guess I take snow for granted here in NY. :)

  3. oh such a shame, somehow still looking beautiful though, over here in Enland we're having such warm, sunny days x

  4. We got even more snow today! They looked pretty sad this morning, but perked up by the end of the day. Hardy little souls, those pansies.

  5. They do look very pretty, but I'm sure you'd rather see sun shining on them. Hope the sun has come out since then.


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